Promoting healthy behaviors through high quality art


The InfoLab is designed to serve a variety a health, education and information markets, including

Dental marketing               Medical marketing
Patient education                Practice branding
Public information               Niche market advertising
Product launches                 Turnaround campaigns

We provide a wide range of high quality, creative and engaging deliverables:

Illustration                            Niche Marketing
Animation                             Print Materials
Motion Graphics                  Environmental Graphics
Posters                                  Specialty items

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At The InfoLab we take every piece we see every piece we produce as a fun project – in a very serious way. We can deliver a  perspective into what draws the eyes and wins the hearts and minds of your audience. That philosophy extends to every category of deliverables.


Posters & Print
What do patients feel about a dental or medical office? What do they think when they see a public information poster? The answer is – more, much more, than you may realize. Posters can be one of the most effective means to build ties with an audience purely on the basis of one-to-one scale.  Nothing is more intimate than the eye level contact provided by well designed poster art.

At The InfoLab we're skilled at finding just the right visual and verbal touches that communicate your message – intimately and memorably – with original images that draw people in time and time and time again.


Animation & Motion Graphics
The potential of message to make an impact with motion graphics, animation, lyrics and icons and marks currently is paramount.  There's an art to making a real connection. The InfoLab understands how to meld images, words, music and lyrics into memorable gems. Repetition works in communications, and the best repetition is the kind that occurs from repeated play, eagerly and happily by the audience you want to reach. We'll show you how to have your audience hitting the play button over and over again.


The InfoLab boasts award winning illustrators who know how to create this lasting impressions. They draw on years of experience working with leaders to find the unique visual representations that work.  The result speaks for itself.


Niche Advertising
In a world that is highly diverse and individualistic, the messages that survive and win hearts and minds of broader audiences are fresh and highly personal to niche audiences.

The InfoLab excels at speaking the language of niche markets. We understand the vernacular, and we know how to express your message confidently and persuasively to anyone you want to reach.